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There´s a new world open to discovery in the Portuguese jewellery sector. From historical brands to copyright design, from commonplace jewellery to new creative ideas, we have identified the new coordinates of national jewellery to enable you to find the right destination. The Portuguese Jewellery Guide provides you with a map the country´s Portuguese jewellery venues in the form of a schedule of free-to-enter events.

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Ourivesaria Tavares & Vista Alegre 
28 of november, 5:00pm

Opening of the “Table Arts” Exhibition ?
Tradition and modernity bring together two century-old brands in the creation of a luxurious Christmas table, which will be on display at the Vista Alegre Museum until 06 January.

Museu da Vista Alegre 
3830-292 Ílhavo

Ourivesaria Tavares 
2 to 31 of december

Ronald McDonald Solidarity Initiative?
Tavares Goldsmiths has teamed up with the Ronald McDonald Foundation to create a limited edition piece, the proceeds from the sale of which will be donated to Casa Ronald McDonald. The piece is on display at the Tavares Goldsmiths Espaço d`Ouro Gallery.

Rua da Junqueira, 54 
Póvoa de Varzim

Ourivesaria Tavares & Museu do Quartzo 
3 of december to 31 of january 

“Diamonds with Stories” Exhibition ?
Tavares Goldsmiths presents the “Diamonds and Stories” exhibition at the Quartz Museum - Prof. Galopim de Carvalho Centre of Interpretation. A show featuring replicas of some of the finest diamonds in the world, in addition to stories and interesting facts about the gems themselves.

Museu do Quartzo 
Monte de Santa Luzia, Viseu

Ourivesaria Arneiro 
2 of december to 6 of january, 9:30am - 7:00pm 

“From Street Vendors to Arneiro Goldsmiths” ?
Boasting 50 years of history spanning three generations, Arneiro Goldsmiths celebrates the holiday season with a special Christmas showcase reflecting the entity´s origins as door-to-door salesmen on bicycles.

Ourivesaria Arneiro1969 
Praça da República nº21,22 
2710-616 Centro Histórico de Sintra

Eugénio Campos 
6 and 7 of december from 10:00am - 7:00pm and 8 of december, from 2:00pm - 7:00pm 

Earrings Weekend For You 
The Eugénio Campos brand will be promoting a weekend dedicated to earrings, with a 10% discount on selected items, at its Rua das Flores boutique.

Boutique Eugénio Campos 
Rua das Flores, 141 Porto

Machado Joalheiro 
7 of december, 11:30am 

A guided tour of our historic store ?
Part of the heritage of the city of Porto and the history of Portuguese jewellery, the emblematic Machado Joalheiro store in Rua 31 de Janeiro Street, in Porto, has stories to tell taken from an authentic jewellery box.

Machado Joalheiros 
Rua 31 de Janeiro, 200 Porto

Made to Envy 
7 of december, 3:00pm

Launch of the New “Aqua” Collection ?
With three venues - Porto, Matosinhos and Lisbon, where the brand is presenting its own collection, Made to Envy is launching its new “Aqua” collection and invites you to visit its new Campo de Ourique store in Lisbon.

Made to Envy 
Rua Tomás de Anunciação 63B 
Jardim da Parada Campo de Ourique, Lisboa

12 of december, 4:00pm - 9:00pm 

Let’s Celebrate X-mas Time | Cocktails and customized jewellery 
Mesh will be welcoming the Christmas season with a cocktail party at its Largo São Domingos store in Porto, where it will present the brand's Christmas novelties.

Largo São Domingos 102 
4050-416 Porto

Ourivesaria Arneiro 
10 to 27 of december

NEOBAROQ - Exclusive Arneiro 1969 Collection ?
The promotion and revitalisation of one of the oldest Portuguese goldsmithing techniques

Clube Holmes Place - Quinta da Beloura 
Rua Centro Empresarial Edifício 9, 2710-444 Sintra

Cris Maria 
18 of december, 10:30am - 5:30pm 

Presentation of the New “Chains” Collection ?
Cris Maria opens the doors of her studio in Lisbon to present her new “Chains” collection and to allow people to get to know her den of creation and artistic expression.

Atelier Cris Maria Jewelry 
Rua de São Tomé, 29 - R/C 
1100-561 Alfama Lisboa

Joana Mota Capitão 
19 of february, 6:00pm - 9:00pm 

Launch of a New Collection ?
Designer Joana Mota Capitão presents her new collection at Esqina - Cosmopolitan Lodge in Lisbon.

Esqina R. da Madalena, 195 Lisboa

Diogo Dalloz 
22 of february, 5:00pm – 8:00pm 

Jewellery Cleaning Workshop
Jewels are precious and delicate items and need to be looked after in order to preserve their original look. Diogo Dalloz explains how to clean and maintain jewellery at home at an affordable cost.

Jewellery Experience
Rua de Ceuta, 17 Vitória - Porto

See the full schedule of events here.


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