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Católica Lisbon - Edição Porto

The prestigious executive Marketing program of Luxury Products and Services, promoted by CATÓLICA LISBON, will now be held in Porto, scheduled to begin on May 18th.


Applications are open and a cocktail party will take place for the presentation of the program on April 12th, at 5:00 p.m., at the headquarters of ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs. In the event, the case study "Sustainability in Luxury and Brands of the Future - the Tesla case" will also be presented with the exhibition of the brand X model.

This Program proposes a comprehensive vision of the universe of luxury, in a reflection of its challenges, the essence of its foundations, the idiosyncratic behaviour of its consumers and the particularities of its management, both in terms of the creative process and innovation, and at the level of communication and distribution. A kind of management that is both complex and enthralling.


It will also propose the study of the main activity sectors that make up the diverse market of luxury, revealing its strategies, depicted and enriched with case studies and best practices, presented by highly skilled and renowned marketing professionals. These sector sessions are based on visits to luxury brands/companies and lectures with prestigious guests.


The program includes a residential weekend in a relaxed and creative environment, where participants will have the opportunity to engage in various luxury initiatives, such as guided visits to this particular realm. They will also have the privilege of establishing, once again, direct contact with the leading names of this universe, in a journey that is in itself a luxury experience, plenty of knowledge, fun and networking.


The program lasts 60 hours + the residential weekend.


For more information and registration, please contact:


Tânia Sousa

Tel: (+351) 217 227 801


Complete program information here

See the presentation video with the course coordinator, Mónica Seabra Mendes here 



09 · 04 · 2018