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1. Political and institutional representation;
2. Legal assistance;
3. Assistance in applications within the scope of the Portugal 2020 program;
4. Assistance in applications for Internship – Employment Measures;
5. Assistance in obtaining industrial and business licences;
6. Participation in international jewellery trade fairs, involving co-financing, by means of joint projects;
7. Enhanced chances of access to products and services from entities with protocols entered into with AORP;
8. Partnership with insurance plans provided to entrepreneurs, workers and their family members;
9. The possibility of advertising using our means of communication (website, newspaper, newsletter);
10. Guidance on domestic and international communication;
11. Permanent sector information via the website, newsletters and social media;
12. Disclosure of work, collections and events promoted by members;
13. Provision of facilities for meetings and expositions;
14. Access to all the information AORP has created or provides to meet the needs of its members (in relation to legal and economic issues, trends and market research);
15. Library with books and magazines of interest to the sector.




a) printed copy of the duly completed application;
b) photocopy of the manufacturer´s / retailer´s / stockholder´s licence;
c) punch stamp and business stamp;
d) photocopy of the company´s personnel chart;
e) photocopy of the company´s social security card;
f) photograph of the applicant;
g) photocopy of the applicant´s identity card


The following items are also required in addition to those specified in a) to g) above:
- photocopy of the company´s deed of constitution and updated articles of association;
- photocopy of the partners´ identity cards;
- photograph of each of the company´s partners.